Brooklyn Game Lab Presents: Adventures in the Underdark

Session 5: Leemooggoogoon!

The Deep Father rises


Starring: Otto Sylvester, Aaron, Lord Searil, and Seabear

Before launching their assault on the altar of the Deep Father, the party gathered equipment and rations from the local shops in Sloobludop. They prepared a sudden assault, rather than following Ploopploopeen’s suggestion of a staged sacrifice. As they hid near the altar, they saw a Duergar being prepared for sacrifice by the archpriestess Bloppblippodd.

One after another, the whole party attempted to control the mind of the archpriestess, but her strong will fought off their attempts.

Aaron sent his eagle companion above the fray and Lord Searil sent a telepathic message to the Duergar to run. The eagle dropped the bead of force onto the the altar, capturing it along with the archpriestess and one of her monitors, the Duergar and another monitor being pushed clear by the force bubble.

All out war broke out, Kua-Toa killing Kua-Toa, and the party fought off the efforts of the Deep Father’s followers. Meanwhile, Bloppblippodd completed her sacrifice using the blood of her own monitor. As the blood swished around the force bubble, a rumbling force came from the Deep Lake. Two gigantic baboon heads lifted from the surface, roaring in ear-shattering manner. Kua-Toa ran and screamed, but the party retained their composure. They quickly rushed to the distant shoreline to board boats and sailed out into the Deep Lake, saving Plooploopeen in the process. At sea, they reviewed their map of the Under Dark and tried to plan their next destination: Gracklstaugh, the Neverlight Grove, or Blingdenstone.

One thing has become abundantly clear, Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons, was loose in the Under Dark.


BlamBur BlamBur

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