Brooklyn Game Lab Presents: Adventures in the Underdark

Session 2: A Shortcut to Mushrooms

The party travels through the Underdark on their way to Slubloodop


Notice for readers. Due to the nature of Brooklyn Game Lab’s program, player characters may vary slightly from week to week. I will open each session with notes on who is featured.

Starring: Aaron, Otto Sylvester, Lord Searil, Vall, Peren Everfizzle, Danin

Once they were clear of Velkynvelve, the party argued over the best approach of finding food. Vall argued that they should start by eating the most meaty but vulnerable member of the prisoners, but Prince Derendil stood in his way before he could attack Shuushar. Eldeth Feldrun suggested that rather than eating each other, they work together to find edible mushrooms.

The party set forth, relying on Eldeth’s scouting ability to find a deposit of edible mushrooms. The party ground up several bluecaps into flour, and gathered some spicy but explosive fire lichens to make a kind of butter. They were preparing to settle down for sleep among the mushrooms, but Sarith Kzekarit urged against it, pointing out the thick deposits of faerzress lining the walls.

The party backed up to an easily defensible area and camped for the night. Sarith explained that faerzress is rumored to make individuals go mad if they stay in its presence, and he has flash memories of being surrounded by it shortly before his capture for suspected murder. Otto Sylvester asked him for more details about his capture, since it was clearly far from Menzoberranzan, and Sarith was not sure of the exact position, but believed it to be somewhere across the Dark Lake.

Having gathered enough food to last them for a day or two, Aaron insisted on making haste the following day. They were nearing exhaustion when they stumbled upon some form of catacomb chamber, littered with bones of all shapes and sizes. Shuushar hypothesized that either this was a makeshift burial chamber or a former lair of a necromancer. As the party searched for evidence and treasure, a pair of Minotaur Skeletons raised up from the bones and attacked them.

Vall deftly fired off arrows while the warlocks, Lord Searil and Danin pounded the undead beasts with eldritch blasts. Otto Sylvester considered unleashing a sleep spell, but realized that the skeletons would likely be immune to it. Aaron channeled divine energy to strike one of the skeletons with his crossbow bolts, bringing it low. Peren Everfizzle took a running jump for the other, but tripped on a bone and landed off-balance but steady at its feet. The beast took a mighty swing with its great axe at Peren, but he managed to lightly side-step it and jump onto the creatures head.

Wounded and enraged, the minotaur stomped toward Aaron and gored him with its horns, tossing him to the side like a bad piece of food. A quick barrage of attacks from the rest of the party was enough to finally eliminate the creature, with Vall landing the final blow. Otto quickly cured the wounds of his fellow halfling, and the party sought out a better shelter to make camp. They managed to find an abandoned campsite, with evidence of a pursuit of four humanoids, one small, by a pack of larger humanoid creatures. The trail looked to be a couple of days old, so they concluded that no one would be coming back this way.

That evening, Otto spoke with Prince Derendil about his home land of Nelrindenvane. Derendil wove a fantastic tale about a land shielded from the perpetual cloud cover of the rest of the planet, and explained that the sun shines on Nelrindenvane alone. He feared that his nemesis, the evil wizard Terrestor, sought to destroy the mountain range blocking clouds from reaching the kingdom, so as to cast the land fully into darkness.

The next several days travel proved mostly uneventful, but on the fifth day, the party found themselves at the top of a large gorge, switchbacks leading back and forth to the ground level. The path was narrow and steep, so the party tied themselves together with silk rope they recovered from Velkynvelve. Derendil stumbled partway down the trail, his large size making the path treacherous, but Vall managed to grab him with one hand and pull him back onto the trail. Eldeth was incredibly impressed with Vall’s strength and drew up close to him, but before either could continue their flirtation, an Ochre Jelly oozed its way out of the rocky surface and attacked. A quick succession of blows and spells killed off the ooze, but took the mood right along with it.

That evening, the party spoke with Shuushar about what to expect when they reached Sloobludop. Shuushar explained that there was some recent infighting among his people, born of religious disagreements. A friend of his, Ploopploopeen, represented the traditional god, the Sea Mother, but a recent faction had developed worshiping the Deep Father. Shuushar didn’t take in with the religious bickering, preferring to bring his discovery of tranquility and pacifism back to his people.

A day’s journey from Sloobludop, the party arrived at the Silken Paths, a network of spider webs crisscrossing a 500 foot deep, 2,000 foot wide chasm. A pair of goblins ran along the webs and joined the party, introducing themselves as Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait, the web runners. They offered to help the party across the Silken Paths for a price, and Aaron offered one of the minotaur great axes they took from the skeletons they’d fought. Yuk Yuk accepted and offered oil to slick everyone’s boots, to help with faster travel.


BlamBur BlamBur

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