Brooklyn Game Lab Presents: Adventures in the Underdark

Session 3: The Amazing Goblinazoz Brothers


Starring: Aaron, Otto Sylvester, Lord Searil, Foo Foo Monkey, Danin

The party contracted with the goblins Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait for guidance across The Silken Paths, splitting preferences between applying oil to their shoes for movement and trusting their own balance. Lord Searil, suspicious of the goblin’s intentions, quietly cast Charm Person on Yuk Yuk as they set forth on the webs.

Yuk Yuk, enchanted, insisted that he and his brother had no ill intentions for the party, but that the Paths were a very dangerous area regardless. As an example, he pointed out a pair of stalactites toward the ceiling of the cavern, and said that they were clearly Dark Mantles waiting to ambush the party.

Everyone agreed that another route would be wiser, and the web runners helped them swing to another web system like brilliant trapeze artists. Unfortunately, their new landing spot was even more dangerous than the path with dark mantles.

Cheering over their successful trapeze maneuvers, the party almost didn’t notice Otto Sylvester’s disappearance. Danin managed to look up and catch site of a pack of Giant Spiders pulling Otto up in a capturing web.

The party unleashed a hailstorm of spells and crossbow bolts up toward the cluster, but not before the creatures were able to pierce Otto several times, rendering him unconscious. Luckily, Otto used his first opportunity while being pulled up to secure a rope to himself, so that his descent would be shortened should he fall.

Lord Searil sent an Eldritch Blast off-target, striking one of the dark mantles in the distance and alerting them to the party’s presence. They swooped in from their perch on the cavern ceiling, attacking Foo Foo Monkey and Searil, knocking the Foo unconscious.

A well-aimed crossbow bolt from Aaron killed the spider holding Otto, and the bard fell the length of his rope, bouncing as though on a bungee cord, but suffering additional damage. Sabarik of Doge ran along the webs to Lay Hands on Otto, restoring him to consciousness.

Searil launched another eldritch blast, finally hitting his target successfully and sending a spider soaring through the air. It launched a support web out, however, and began an arc back toward the party.

Otto, once again aware, unleashed a Sleep spell, a powerful weapon in a 500 foot deep cavern. He rendered two spiders unconscious, including the one making its way back to the party, and they fell to their deaths. Sabarik contributed a shield smash to knock another spider to its death, and Danin unleashed powerful magics to defeat yet another.

Wounded and worried, the party paused to catch their breath. Eldeth Feldrun pointed above to a shadow of a figure thick in the spiders’ webs. Aaron climbed the rope left behind by Otto to find a halfling captured by the spiders. He cut the webs away and lay hands on the traveler.

Regaining consciousness, the halfing introduced himself as Fargas, a rogue who had been traveling with his adventuring party in search of the treasure of The Lost Tomb of Kharoum, before they were separated while being pursued by gnolls. The party concluded that this party must have been the setters of the [[Session 2: A Shortcut to Mushrooms | campsite]] they had stumbled upon a few days earlier. Fargas was unsure if he was abandoned or betrayed by his party, but asked the adventurers to keep an eye out for a half-elf cleric of Lothander, a wizard of divination (who ironically did not foresee these events), and a monk of the Way of the Open Hand. The party, knowing the history of the centuries past Immortal War, had instant suspicion of the monk adventurer.

With an opportunity for a side quest for treasure, the party agreed to make their way on to Sloobludop first, trying to destroy the Silken Path on their way out to deter their drow pursuers. Once their and re-equipped, they could charter a boat to swing back around and explore the lost tomb.


BlamBur BlamBur

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