Brooklyn Game Lab Presents: Adventures in the Underdark

Session 4: Feel the Ploop


Starring: Aaron, Otto Sylvester, Seabear, Foo Foo Monkey, Danin

Nearing the end of The Silken Paths, the party heard a blast of a war horn coming from near the beginning of the path. Looking back, they saw Ilvara and her crew of Drow approaching. They rushed for solid ground, planning to burn the paths, but Stool tripped on the webs and fell prone. Aaron sent his spirit eagle back to recover Stool, and Eldeth Feldrun rushed back on to the webs. She was hit by a blast from Shoor Vandree’s viscous wand, covering her in a sticky glue.

Seeing an opportunity to call for reinforcements, Aaron sent Shuushar ahead to call for Kua-Toa warriors to support the party.

Foo Foo Monkey and Seabear both tried to rescue Eldeth from the webs, but were hit by poisoned drow arrows, rendering them unconscious. As the drow neared, the party worked together to keep everyone alert and bring them back to solid ground. Once they’d cleared the webs, Foo Foo Monkey unleashed his fiery dragon’s breath on the webs and the entire system of the Silken Paths began to collapse. The drow drifted to the bottom using a combination of magic and agility, but their easy path to the heroes was destroyed.

Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait were devastated, as their entire livelihood had gone up in flames in a matter of seconds. They bid farewell to the party, but said that they would stay behind while the spiders gradually rebuilt the Paths.

The party traveled on toward Sloobludop and caught up to a very worried Shuushar. The Kua-Toa whispered an apology before the party was ambushed by a party of Deep Father worshippers. Otto Sylvester attempted to create a vision of the Deep Father, but not knowing his true form, was not very convincing. The party fought hard and forced a surrender from all but the leader of the raiding party. The leader laughed in their faces but was struck through the head by a spear thrown by Ploopploopeen.

Ploop welcomed the party, though he was disappointed to see that Shuushar had returned, considering him a heretic. He warned them that an uneasy conflict had developed between those Kua Toa still loyal to The Sea Mother and the new faction led by his daughter, Bloppblippodd. He asked for the party’s help in resolving this conflict, and then led them back to the village of Sloobludop.

Upon arriving, Ploop led the party through the village to the shrine of The Sea Mother, a statue of a humanoid woman with the head and claws of a crayfish. Offerings were strewn all around the statue, and Foo Foo Monkey cast detect magic to see if any were valuable. He caught site of a pearl that was in fact a Bead of Force, capable of creating a 10-foot radius bubble around any object it strikes. The party left one of the minotaur skeletons’ great axes as a return offering and took the bead in its place.

Ploop took the party to his abode and introduced them to his son, Glooglugogg. He proposed a plan of offering the party as sacrifices to the Deep Father to help them get close enough to Blopp to attack. The party wasn’t excited to be offered as sacrifices, even as a ruse, and suggested instead that they launch an all-out assault after having time to rest, hoping to shock the Deep Father worshipers into submission.


BlamBur BlamBur

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