Brooklyn Game Lab Presents: Adventures in the Underdark

Session 6: You Can Find Me at the Bottom of the Lake


The party set out across the Dark Lake toward Gracklstugh, the Duergar capital. With the aid of a whale companion under the command of Danin, they fought off grell and trolls. They caught sight of a water weird, and Otto Sylvester compelled it to take him to the treasure it guarded. Unfortunately, it interpreted his command by dragging him underwater. There he found a small onyx statue with jade eyes. He and Seabear each claimed an eye for “safe keeping” until the party could find somewhere to sell it.

As they neared the halfway point to Gracklstugh, they came across an abandoned boat docked on a small island. Aaron used his monocle to the past to perceive a party of duergar miners noticing the parties arrival and turning invisible to guard the boat. The party called out to the duergar, and the merchant they saved at Sloobludop, Hemeth, vouched for them. The miners agreed to help them navigate the rest of the way to Gracklstufh, but could not promise them safe passage once they arrived.


Don’t forget the part where I get swallowed by a whale to get back to the surface with the idol!

Sorry I couldn’t come last session, but it worked out anyway since you guys played Star Wars rpg and I didn’t miss any thing truly awesome. :)


Haha, ouch on the “Star Wars isn’t truly awesome” statement.

In all honesty, the adventure we did with Star Wars was a little mediocre. I’m cooking up something super fun with the system for two weeks from yesterday. If anyone wants a little bit of a preview, see how much of this you can sit through:

Be warned, the first 15 minutes are especially difficult to get through.

BlamBur BlamBur

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