Brooklyn Game Lab Presents: Adventures in the Underdark

Session 1: Escape from New Yor.... Velkynvelve


Starring: Aaron, Foo Foo Monkey, Otto Sylvester, Sabarik of Doge, Tabascus.

Captured by Ilvara Mizzrym and her Drow warriors, the party was held prisoner at Velkynvelve, an elevated drow outpost about a month’s journey from the drow capital of Menzoberranzan. After 2 weeks of scavenging for small items like iron bars, the party planned their escape.

Aaron, one of the party’s paladins, struck a deal with Jimjar, to exchange treasure for an expedient escape, and Jimjar found it a great opportunity to make his way back to Blingdenstone.

Otto Sylvester, the party bard, tossed insults at their prison guard. When the guard opened the pen to punish him, Aaron struck at him with an iron bar, and encouraged Ront to do the same.

The second guard took off running, but not before sustaining magic blasts from the warlock Tabascus, and the wizard Foo Foo Monkey. They weren’t enough to take the guard down, however, and he managed to escape into the barracks. Aaron rallied the rest of the prisoners, and he and fellow paladin Sabarik of Doge, led the riot out onto a precarious rope bridge.

At the end of the bridge stood a mighty elite drow warrior. Aaron exchanged blows with him but was brought down with a single blow from the drow’s poisoned blade. In a rage, Prince Derendil charged to the front of the bridge and threw his weight at the drow warrior. The drow skillfully returned his attack, but the quaggoth’s poisonous blood negated the majority of the damage. A mis-aimed follow-up strike from the drow gave Derendil the opportunity to grab the drow by the arm and throw him to the depths below.

The party entered the barracks where two junior drow solidiers stood. Otto demanded a surrender from them which they happily offered. Aaron drew out a treasured eye piece that allowed him to see a moment from the past, and caught a vision of Ilvara Mizzrym chastising her lieutenant, Jorlan Duskryn, and offering his post and his magic wand to a younger drow, Shoor Vandree.

The party armed themselves with the weapons and armor from the armory, and lowered ropes to the pools below Velkynvelve. Before the drow could take up pursuit, they consulted with their traveling companions, and took Shuushar the Awakened’s advice to make their way to Sloobludop, a major Kua-Toa fishing village about 8 days journey.

As the party set forth, they knew they would shortly have to contend with their lack of provisions and with the threat of pursuit from Ilvara and her squadron.


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