Tag: prisoner


  • Buppido

    Originally from Gracklstugh, but captured by the Drow, Buppido seeks a way back home. He is an able fighter, and strong for a member of his race. He has already proven knowledgeable about the area, and along with [[:jimjar | Jimjar]], is one of the more …

  • Prince Derendil

    Menacing looking but with a kind heart, Prince Derendil is an elven prince cursed into a quaggoth's body. He seeks to reach the surface and return to his kingdom of Nelrindenvane in the High Forest. He promises great riches to anyone who can help him …

  • Eldeth Feldrun

    Eldeth seeks to return to the surface dwarven kingdom of Gauntlgrym. Loyal and self-sacrificing, she will bravely fight beside anyone who can help her return home. She has expressed a hatred for all things Underdark, however, which puts her at odd terms …

  • Stool

    Stool was captured by [[:sarith-kzekarit | Sarith Kzekarit]], and then captured by the other drow. He is lonely and frightened and wants only to return home to Neverlight Grove