Brooklyn Game Lab Presents: Adventures in the Underdark

Session 13-?: The Most Dangerous Game


The party appeared moments later 100 feet above the surface of the ocean, and plummeting quickly. Ganon summoned his whale to provide a soft landing, and the party caught their bearings. Aaron peered through the monocle yet again to see a ship sailing northeast, and the party set a course.

They were set upon by giant sharks, and when they tried to escape to the sky, the sharks followed. A fierce skirmish broke out, but through the look of bloodying their opponents, the party managed to make the sharks take care of most of the fight, attacking each other.

With some struggle, the adventurers made their way northeast to find an island mansion. They saw from a week in the past a ship arrive, dropping off a fair maiden with fiery red hair, and the physique of a warrior.

Servants greeted the party and welcomed them to the home of Adairis, a wealthy merchant and scientist. They were invited to feast at his dining table, and were introduced to the maiden, Denys, who was Adairis’ wife, and a woman who appeared to be her identical twin sister, also named Denys, ALSO Adairis’ wife.

The party caught up on the happenings of the surface world, and made an offer to sell what remained of the red dragon egg they had acquired. Adairis offered to purchase it from them, provided they could couple it with a favor. One of his servants had disappeared after apparently stealing a rare tapestry which included a powerful summoning circle as part of its design. No other large ships had been through the area, so Adairis believed that the servant was still on the island.

Adairis led the party to the tower where the tapestry had been hung, and, looking through time, the party witnessed a pair of shadowy figures poison the servant, stuff the tapestry into a bag of holding, shove the servant out a window, and turn invisible. They looked out the window and could see blood stained on the rocks, but no sign of the body. Descending down, they found evidence that a small boat had been docked along the cliffside, and, again looking through time (really guys? how many times are you going to solve your problems by looking through time?) watched as the servant was carried into the boat by invisible hands, the rope docking the boat was cut, and, shakily, the boat set out to see toward the Isle of the Hunt.

The party demanded immediate passage to the Isle, and Adairis concurred, offering to take them on a hunt for The Most Dangerous Game, clearly, dinosaurs.

When they arrived at the island, Adairis attempted to poison the party unconscious, revealing a nefarious plot to hunt them himself. Unfortunately for the merchant, only half the party fell prey to his poison. He turned invisible to plot an escape, but before he could move, was grappled by a party member and punched in the stomach until he surrendered. The party took Adairis hostage and planned to return to the manor house to lay claim to treasure and establish a new base of operation.


BlamBur BlamBur

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