Brooklyn Game Lab Presents: Adventures in the Underdark

Session 8: In His Fieryness' Secret Service


The guards began to lead the party to Overlake Hold to stand trial before their captain, Errde Blackskull, but were cut short by a rampaging stone giant with two heads. The party was released to neutralize the giant, opting not to kill him based on the race’s normally congenial nature. They unfortunately killed several guards in friendly fire in their efforts to stop the giant from doing more damage. As they finally managed to defeat the stone giant with a well aimed sleep potion, another giant arrived, in more typically calm fashion.

He introduced himself as Dorhun, apprentice to Stonespeaker Hgraam, their high priest. The rampaging giant was Rihuud, an acolyte. Rihuud had been communing with the stone at Cairngorn Cavern when he went mad, sprouted another head, and went stampeding through the city. Dorhun encouraged the adventurers to pay a visit to Cairngorn to meet with the Stonespeaker before leaving Gracklstugh.

Aaron considered it the better part of lawfulness to turn themselves back into the city guards with profuse apology for the collateral damage. Just as they were put back in chains, however, the guards were stopped by Gartokkar Xundorn, Keeper of the Flame. Gartokkar informed them that the Wyrmsmith, Themberchaud, had sought their presence, and they were told to visit him in his lair.

When they arrived at the dragon’s lair, Themberchaud told Gartokkar to wait outside. The party came face to face with a fierce, adult red dragon, the power behind the forges of Gracklstugh. The Wyrmsmith told the party that he’d grown suspicious of the true motives of the keepers, and wanted outside agents to find out what their true intentions were. He told the party to follow whatever directive Gartokkar had given them, but to inform him of the plans the keepers had made.

Returning to Gartokkar, the party was told that the assassination attempt on Werz was made by a group of thieves guild members called the Gray Ghosts. Their leader was recently killed by the Keepers of the Flame, and as vengeance, the Ghosts had stolen a prized possession of theirs, a singular red dragon’s egg. The Ghosts had a messenger who traveled through the Darklake District, a derro named Droki, who may be able to lead the party to their secret hideout. The party ‘nonchalantly’ made their way back to the lair of Themberchaud.

The dragon was intrigued and surprised by the news of the keepers seeking a red dragon egg. He asked that they follow the directives to seek out Droki, but upon recovering the egg, they were to bring it back to him.


BlamBur BlamBur

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